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 Sept. 15th

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PostSubject: Sept. 15th   Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:25 am

Ride To Merge or not to Merge, that is the question???

Weekly NEWS # 3 for September 15th

Well our first week has come and gone, our protection is over and... Well no one got attack pirat yet.

The new servers do incentive players to Castle early and a few have done so. To bad so sad. They will soon realize how bad an idea it is to Castle their first city.

Also as many of us build our second city we where shock with the realization that the progression is not double (from 100 to 200 more per level) but more than triple the cost (+350 per level) Sad ouch.

On Alliance News we are negotiating a merge and possible NAP with other top alliances.
We are also recruiting new members from Continents we will possible expand to in the future.

I plan to send orientation packages in the mail this weekend to all our members outlining our mission statement, how we plan to win the title of Lord of Ultima and what the job of different alliance members will be.

And that is about it...

Now everyone... Get back to work, I mean play Wink
And grow, grOW, GROW!!!


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Sept. 15th
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