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 2nd city and building an Empire

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PostSubject: 2nd city and building an Empire   Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:56 pm

The following information has been collected from many sources and I claim no ownership of it!

2nd city and building an Empire

This is just an outline of how an empire ďnormallyĒ gets on its feet.

First city IS design to produce a baron ASAP.

Following this you will get perfect speed of getting city score = 500 points/day from the very beginning.
First city should be resource based = have at least 25k/h wood and stone something like 7-10k/h iron and 6-7k/h food. 2 barracks, 1 Moonglow tower, 1 Trinsic Tample, 2 Markets, 2 Harbors, 2 Townhouses this is 10 buildings. If your city is land lock you canít build a harbor = change them to 2 more Townhouses.

How to achieve this:

Here are the simple rules: Each WoodCutter (WC) should be connected to one and only one Sawmill (SaM) and at least to one forest. Same as Quarries(Q) to Stonemasons(StM) and stone. Same as Iron Mines (IM) to Foundry (F) and iron. Each SaM, StM and F should have as much WC, Q and IM near as possible.
Each free place with minimum three production buildings around (WC Q IM) should have a Cottage(C) in it.

Now you should plan your city. Better to spend 5-6 hrs on planning (building nothing) then doing mistakes that will eat much more time later.

Begin to plan your city with by putting SaMs StMs and Fs to the places where will be maximum slots around it connected to forests stones and iron. These slots should be unique = That means have no other SaM StM or F connected to it. Put WCs, Qs and IMs in these slots. Find and put Cottages in all free slots that connected to three or more production buildings. Put two farms connected to water and a mill connected to them. One SaM one StM and one F Should be connected to warehouse. This should take 90 buildings + to be adjusted to our targets in resource/hr.

Find a free place to build 2 barracks, put Trinsic Tample to be connected to them. U can Build Moonglow tower in any place u like but better it to be connected to barracks too. Townhouses should be connected to at least 1 market and harbor. Or if land lock city = to maximum number of markets.
You can make two or three different plans and chose the best one.

Here is one example: iG5kMc


Here is an order in which u should build your city to get the best effect.

The Most important thing is your rate of wood and stone and Construction Speed.
Town Hall lvl 1 Build 10 WC and up them to lvl 2
lvl 2 Build 10 Q and up them to lvl 2
lvl 3 Build 10 C and up them to lvl 3
lvl 4 Build more C, WC and Q and up all of them to lvl 3 up all C to lvl 4
lvl 5 Build WC and Q up all C to lvl 5 some ur WC and Q to 4
lvl 6 Build all SaM and up them to lvl 2 up the rest WC and Q to lvl 4 up all C to lvl 6.
lvl 7 Build all StM and up them to lvl 2 up all ur WC and Q to lvl 5 up all ur C to lvl 7
lvl 8 Build all warehouses up them to lvl5 markets and Townhuses up to lvl 5 WC and Q up to lvl 7 C up to lvl 9
lvl 9 The rest builds and ups
lvl 10 Same

Those pesky first hours of your city's life are more important than you might think.
Everything takes forever to build and you canít even store a cow in the warehouse (because there isnít one).

Ok, before we continue, this assumes that you have a way to get the resources you need.
(This was primary made for when you have more towns that can send resources to your new towns, or for when you are a moocher or have family members helping you).

Anyway here we go.

1) Get a Town

Well duh...
Here is an example of a brand new town (puppies were included, but sadly they fell on the lakes) mHfKro
Town Hall - 1
Construction Speed - 100%
2) Town Hall to level 4

Second thing you want to do is get the TH to level 4. If you shipped a few resources you should have enough now to do just that, if not, get it to level 3 and ship some stuff then get it to level 4.
Then you want to use the rest of your resources to get 40 cottages build, and get them all to level 3.

Here is an example and the construction speeds after all cottages are level 3.
From now on expect an example after each point. m306RR
Town Hall - 4
Construction Speed - 740% (40*16% + 100%)

3) Town Hall to level 5 and cottages to level 4

Here is where most people drift away from the idea. The concept stays about the same though.
What you want to do next is get your TH to level 5 and then get a total of 50 cottages build, and get them all to level 4. Now most people prefer to get them to level 5 as the speed bonus is bigger and doesnít take all that long. Just do what you think its best Smile kuA6s7
Town Hall - 5
Construction Speed - 1350% (50*25% 100%)
4) Town Hall to level 8 and Build more level 4 cottages

Now you want to get your TH to level 8 and get 80 level 4 cottages total. As for order, I prefer to build 10 cottages, then upgrade the TH, then build another 10 cottages, and so on... jfExDG
Town Hall - 8
Construction Speed - 2100% (80*25% + 100%)

Second city is primarily wood and stone based cities, with some military support. (Normally rangers for defense).

3rd cities is a defense City / Castle with self production of iron and food, for military support. (Normally rangers for defense and raids).

Defense cities. These will hold 60k or more in troops (rangers, guardians, templars, or ballista, add a sloop if you plan to castle on water). kCWbUf

4th city is primarily iron and food, for any the military needs.
Try to stay landlocked, for all these early cities.
All of these should be able to hold around 10-15k troops for support.

5th and 6th, Resources and Storage respectively.

I always get a storage city on its feet before making a Combat Castle. It doesnít need to be exclusively storage, only needs to hold around 5 mill. of each resource and 10 mill food. (again, this is my personal preference). With the other building slots for resources so it is a little self-sustaining. Around 800 carts to transport resources.
I put this one as close as possible to the Combat Castle.

The castle itself is the 7th city, it is around 200k ts, with 8000% recruitment speed.
As gold probably isnít rising too fast at this point, make this castle a zerk only castle.
This is about war, no resources, no farmland, just troops! lAwtx5
About 320K TS!!! That's a butt kicker!!

Perhaps some extra defense if your support cities canít provide enough. After the castle is up and going and your other cities are nearing completion, you will want to start making a gold city.

As these produce nothing you will need to ship in resources just like with the castle.
This city has to be on water, to be able to get the gold production bonus from harbors.

I.e. Gold/Storage aka the distribution hub. Your cities send surplus and request resources from here. melhGN

After these 7th cities go up, I like to create 2 split resource cities.
These cities should be 8th wood and 9th stone only.
One primarily wood and the other primarily stone. They should each produce about 40k of their primary resource and 30k of their secondary resource.

Your 10th city should be focused on food. (one on another world can put out 95k an hour when it was all said and done, however with a lucky lake positions and the proper formation your food city can hit 160k an hour.)
Food for your castle. This will feed your troops. It sends all it's food to them. iBvGwP

This city should be able to ship 600k res an hour in case of castle siege. And you will need to hold about 2 mill of food.

Now there is probably a much more effective ways to get yourself started, but Iíve used this outline on a few other worlds, and Iíve been very successful.

Does anyone have a better more effective way?

Thanks for reading!!


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PostSubject: Re: 2nd city and building an Empire   Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:56 am

For my first Offensive city. I prefer to sacrifice some of my TS for recruitment speed and baron abilities. http: // The Trinsic temple should be placed so that it touches 8 barracks to provide the extra recruit speed bonus. The placement of the other outer ring barracks can be anyplace as to no have to remove resource nodes. I also opt for either 1 or 2 marketplaces as well so that extra resources from raiding can be shipped to my hub. As you can see with this you only have 260k TS but your recruit speed is only 2 seconds v.s. the 4 seconds each for the other build. So what that gives you is a full castle in 6 days. Where as with the 4 second recruit time it will tike 12 days to recruit the same 260k or 14 days for the full 320k.
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2nd city and building an Empire
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