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 Lord of Ultima Tools & Strategy

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PostSubject: Lord of Ultima Tools & Strategy   Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:49 am

ďThe information below comes from many sources and I claim no ownership of itĒ

If you havenít yet, you MUST read this:

Also our new Server has some new rules, read them so you know what they are about:

Must do / have:

1. Use Chrome or Firefox to play this game.

2. If you use Firefox install greasemonkey.
Greasemonkey needs a browser reload after install it into Firefox

3. Install LoU Tweaks and Boss tools.
LoU Tweak, LoU Boss needs a browser reload after install it into Firefox & chrome

4. Bookmark the links below:

When you have all the things above done start putting buildings in the maps.

- My recommendation is, if you have 10 slots, put 6 cottages, 3 wood cutters, 1 query.

- Try to make wood cutters more than queries. After you have like 40+ buildings, try to make stone more (queries), after 50+ put the iron and farm, after 60+ put the town house, barracks etc.

1. Click the "L" button.

2. Click Open in Flash City Planner 2

3. You will get a window like below
choose the ratio ... for the first city donít make Iron/ Food/ Gold in the beginning.
so make it like wood/ stone 1:1 food/iron/gold all ZERO
in the ADD part make it like 75 and then click add.
You should have a layout like this one.

4. Add some cottages. Itís better to have like 15 cottages.
But you donít have to have all of those cottages in the beginning.

5. Add some iron mines and farms....
I recommend include 4 iron mines and 1 foundry.
And for farms make two farms and a mill.

How to choose the best spot for iron mines and farms?

See the picture; I have set the optimization weight for iron to 1.00 and in the Add part 5.
Then click add it will choose the best 5 position for iron for you.

6. Make a cluster with town houses next with markets.

7. 1 Barrack, 1 Moonglow Tower, 1 Trinsic Temple, (and a city guard if you want to).

8. Click the import/export (red) and copy the long link (yellow)

9. Back to LoU
click the "L" button again.
And then Overlay Layout (yellow), paste the link you have now (long link),
click Apply layout (black), then OK (black)
you have a layout (virtual) in the map, put your building according to the layout.

Another way


Step 1. Click the L near your construction speed;
Step 2. Click on the string, located in the top half of the window city lay-out / Sharestring ("L"). Click once on the string and copy the highlighted text (Ctrl+C);
Step 3. Go to;
Step 4. Paste (Ctrl + V) the sharestring that you copied into the white field;
Step 5. Press ENTER a couple times and type or paste the code below in the box (Remark: W = Wood; S = Stone; I = Iron; F = Food):

use_slots=96 num_cottages=15 keep_extra_res_nodes=1

Step 6. Click compute. Copy the entire length of the sharestring underneath the link at the bottom;
Step 7. Click the link at the bottom to see what your city should look like when done;
Step 8. Go back to Lord of Ultima, return to your city, and click that L again;
Step 9. Click the Overlay layout tab, and paste (Ctrl+V) the entire sharestring you've copied after computing;
Step 10. Click Apply layout and you should see where every building should be placed and which resources should be destroyed.

*The placement schedule allows you to determine the order of importance for your resources. w=wood, s=stone, i=iron, f=food. You can also determine exact numbers by: W,*6,S,*4,I,*2
The above code would give you more wood, then stone, then iron. Play with the numbers until you get exactly what you're looking for.

Now the First 7 Days Tutorial

And that is it... More tutorials coming soon...


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Lord of Ultima Tools & Strategy
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